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About EZ Par

golf dorks & a labor of love

This is Scott Smith, owner and operator of EZ Par Golf greens.  He’s looking all fancy in his golf gear in this picture, but don’t let that fool you.  Scott shows up ready to get dirty and make your previously under-utilized yard into a dream come true.

Choosing EZPar Golf Greens to transform your space is a simple choice. Why?  Because we are accomplished golf dorks who have taught, played, and walked some of the most beautiful and accomplished courses in the country. We know what a golf course should look and feel like.

Whether a backyard green, a personal practice facility, or a simple home turf application, we are absolutely meticulous in our construction and final product, and we are at each and every job making sure things are done correctly, and often times doing the work ourselves.

Why hire contracted landscapers who have probably never played 18 holes to construct something as important as your practice area and centerpiece of your yard? Take assurance that no project is complete until we feel it would be good enough for our own homes and ourselves.

Man with a beard wearing sunglasses and a cap sitting in a golf cart with golf clubs behind him, smiling.

how we work

Schedule your free consultation

Our process starts with an outside meeting to determine the size, spacing and function of your project.


Let the digging begin

Construction is usually between 2 - 5 days and our clients can have as  much or as little input as they desire.

Enjoy the outdoors again

Aside from golf greens, EZ Par has completed many synthetic turf, playscape, sport court,  pond and patio applications.


ez-par golf greens and turf

Located in Austin, Texas (Will Travel)
(281) 685-2155