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Located in Austin, Texas

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(281) 685-2155


(281) 685-2155


We work 7 days a week, weather dependant, but due to the nature our business, we can’t always answer the phone.  Texting is the fastest way to reach us, but you can leave a message and we’ll call you back as quick as we can.   If we aren’t answering just envision us with a wheelbarrow full of rocks or a shovel in  hand!  It’s tricky to text in work gloves!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions are coming soon.

Why aren’t they here yet?  We’re not sure.  Probably we were too busy putting in turf to type them up and send them over to our web designer.  But she stays on top of us, so I’m sure we’ll have those over to her super quick.

How Soon you say?

Soon enough my friend. In the meantime, send us an email or text and we’ll answer your questions as best we can.   Our contact info is just above, or in the top left corner of your webpage.

What is the most asked "WHY" quesion in the world?

Accoriding to Google…. Surprisingly, the most most commonly asked “why” question on Google is “why is there a leap day” with around 2 million searches. The 2nd place goes to the keyword – “why is the sky blue” with 135,000 searches. This is one compelling data that we found out in our research.

Similar to this, there are many more intriguing questions that show up in this list of the most searched “why” questions on Google.

Is there another question more frequently asked than why?

Yes.  According to Google, its What…what what?  What is my IP is the single most asked question on google?  Do you know your IP?  Do you even care? 

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Located in Austin, Texas (Will Travel)
(281) 685-2155